Teach Writing and ESL in China

China Collage

Teaching Opportunity at Huaqiao University

The Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse is proud to announce that we have established a direct relationship with the English Department at Huaqiao University in Xiamen, China. This is part of a larger relationship that DePaul has been building with Huaqiao since 2012. As a result of recent visits to Huaqiao University by WRD Chair Pete Vandenberg and the Coordinator of WRD’s Graduate TESOL Certificate, Jason Schneider, the two departments have established a direct pathway for DePaul students who complete the Graduate TESOL Certificate to teach Writing and ESL in China, starting in academic year 2014-2015. Graduates of the TESOL Certificate will be preferred applicants for one-year teaching appointments in the Huaqiao English Department.

A full-time university teaching appointment is valuable experience not always available domestically to recent graduates. Teaching at Huaqiao can be a strong foundation for the US college teaching market or doctoral study in a range of disciplines. Furthermore, spending time working and living abroad can be an invaluable personal experience and is regarded as an asset by employers in many sectors.

One-year English teaching appointments include:

  • 14 hours of teaching per week
  • Competitive salary
  • International and domestic travel allowance
  • Free single-occupancy living accommodations
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid winter break

Apply for a 2014-15 Teaching Appointment

To be considered for a 2014-15 teaching appointment at Huaqiao, applicants should plan to complete and submit the following materials no later than March 10th:

  •  A letter of application—approximately 300 to 400 words—in which you explain your commitment to teach at Huaqiao for a one-year commitment and foreground your training and experience to do so; the letter should also indicate that you are eligible to apply for a Chinese (Z) work visa, and that you will complete the visa application process on receipt of an Employment Permit and Visa Notification Letter
  • A current CV (or academic resume), which clearly shows the anticipated graduation date for any program of study in progress
  • A recent physical exam and the completed exam form (download here)
  • A valid passport that is not dated to expire before 1/1/16.  If you do not have a passport or yours expires before this date, you are strongly encouraged to apply for one immediately. Please send a copy of the first page.

All application materials should be submitted via email to wrd[at]depaul.edu (Subject: Last Name – Huaqiao Teaching Application) by March 10, 2014.

Professor Jason Schneider and Professor Peter Vandenberg will submit applications directly to Huaqiao’s English department. The 2014-15 academic year at Huaqiao begins in July. 


Please contact Professor Jason Schneider (jschne12[at]depaul.edu) or Professor Peter Vandenberg (pvandenb[at]depaul.edu).

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