Everything you need to know about Spread the Word!

WRD Grad Student Conference

Spread the Word, the WRD student conference, is coming up fast! WRD Graduate Assistant Amy Hubbard put together this Q&A to help you prepare. We can’t wait to see and hear about your work!

What kind of presentations is Spread the WoRD looking for?

We are looking for you to share the projects, papers, and work you are doing that relates to writing, rhetoric, and new media. For the most part, our student submissions are dictated by what research you are doing in your WRD classes, although we are happy to consider professional projects as well.

What kinds of presentations have you accepted in the past?

We’ve featured a range of student work at our conference, whether it’s personal essays or digital stories, or group projects on rhetorical criticism, case studies on writing center work, professional writing projects or new media research. Examples of past submissions can be found at spreadthewrd.wordpress.com.

Can I submit a project with a friend or classmate?

Absolutely! We encourage you to reach out to friends or colleagues who may be interested in collaborating. In the past we have featured panels with as many as 5-10 students presenting on a topic. You are also invited to submit individually as well.

What do I need to submit to the CFP?

Nothing elaborate. We are just looking for a synopsis of the project/research you would like to present (about 300 words or so) along with your contact information and any special technological requests you may need to present. To be clear, you don’t need to have your project completed to submit a proposal, but merely provide us with an overview of what you will present.

How long does my presentation need to be?

Presentations should aim to be between 15-20 minutes. We’ve found most students to be amenable to this range. Panels or group presentations can be given extra time if needed.

When is the conference?

The conference will be held May 11th, 2013 in the Lincoln Park Student Center room 314 A&B. Tentatively, the event will be held from 10-3, with a light breakfast and full lunch provided.

What is the deadline for submitting a proposal?

April 15th, 2013.

Where do I submit my proposal to?


Where do I go for more information on the conference?

You can visit spreadtheWRD.wordpress.com for updates or feel free to contact WRD Graduate Assistant Amy Hubbard at ahubbar5@depaul.edu with specific questions.

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