Put your Coursework to Work with an Internship

As you work your way through your WRD or NMS degree, you may be wondering how to put your reading and coursework to practice. An internship is a great way to receive course credit while gaining experience and contacts in a professional environment. The WRD Department is excited to welcome Dana Dunham as the new Internship Coordinator.

Dunham, a WRD instructor at DePaul since 2007, said internships are a valuable way to build resumes and learn in and outside of the classroom. Internships allow students to apply rhetorical theory to business problems and create and analyze texts for different contexts. For employers, Dunham said WRD students have strong analytical skills and that they can effectively articulate messages and situate writing for a range of audiences.

The WRD Internship Program is available to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a WRD or NMS degree. Dunham said past students have interned at insurance agencies, digital start-ups, new media companies, and nonprofit organizations. These organizations have included State of Illinois Green Governments Coordinating Council, Half Acre Beer Company, Optimus, Kentucky Sports Radio, and North American Company for Life and Health Insurance.

Unlike co-ops, internships are short-term positions that can be paid or unpaid.  Internships often lead students to networking opportunities and establishing relationships between professional organizations and the WRD department. Dunham said the more work experience you can gain as a student, the better off you will be in the post-grad job market. “I think it has huge potential to help in and out of the classroom… students take the knowledge accrued from their studies and apply it to business problems,” said Dunham.

Click here for more information on the WRD Internship Program. Be sure to keep following the WRD department blog for open internship positions, news, and intern interviews!

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