WRD 361: Chicago Women Rhetors


Chicago is known as the Windy City for our boisterous speakers, but what is the history of women’s speaking in Chicago? How have women rhetors made their mark on our city?

WRD 361, Topics in Alternative Rhetorics: Chicago Women Rhetors, will examine how Chicago women have made their voices heard, and how these women have been remembered by the publics they spoke to. We’ll read primary and secondary texts, and examine museum exhibits, sculpture, memorials, architecture, organizations, language and cultural practice to learn about the past and about how this past has been remembered and interpreted.

We’ll begin with important Chicago women like Ida B. Wells, Jane Addams, and Bertha Palmer. Then, students will independently research and memorialize the rhetorical activities of other figures in a course website, choosing individuals such as Maggie Daley and Oprah Winfrey, or collectives like Cabrini Green tenant groups or the nuns who helped women gain admission to DePaul. As part of our course study, we will also visit the Research Center at the Chicago History Museum.

Spring Quarter 2013
WRD 361, Topics in Alternative Rhetorics: Chicago Women Rhetors
Major Elective; PW Minor Elective
Professor Julie Bokser
LPC, TTH 11:20-12:50

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Contact Professor Julie Bokser for more information: jbokser[at]depaul.edu, 773-325-4821.

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