5 Things to Do Over Spring Break to Improve Your Summer Internship Search

photo via Core3 Solutions

photo via Core3 Solutions

Spring Break is an opportune time to get a jump start on your summer internship search. Here are five things you can do over break to improve your search:

1. Update your resume, LinkedIn profile, and online portfolio
Take this break from classes to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Add your most recent work to your online portfolio so it’s ready to go when you apply for internships.

2. Review your social media accounts privacy settings and content
Is there any web content out there that would embarrass you in front of a potential employer? Next time you log on, take a few minutes to review your account settings, remove any unwanted photos, and narrow down your friends list.

3. Meet with the WRD/NMS Internship Coordinator
If you’re sticking around for spring break, email the WRD/NMS Internship Coordinator, Dana Dunham, to set up a meeting. She is available to discuss your internship interests and explore potential opportunities.

4. Schedule informational meetings with working professionals
Expand your network of contacts by emailing people already working in your desired field or job. Offer to take them out for coffee so you can spend some time asking them about their work experience, career advice, and potential internship opportunities with their company.

5. Talk to family and friends about potential opportunities
Are you taking a trip with friends or visiting family for spring break? Talk to them about the types of internships you’re looking for and the industries you’d like to work in. They may know someone or know of an opportunity that fits your skill set and goals.

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