WRD Graduate Assistant Featured on Zeega

WRD Graduate Assistant Amy Hubbard

WRD Graduate Assistant Amy Hubbard

WRD graduate assistant Amy Hubbard’s project, A Ghostly Rendering, was recently featured on the Zeega blog. Zeega is a web publishing tool designed to enable interactive storytelling.

“I know that [Zeega] can create complicated documentaries, but I really think the rhetorical power here is in the simple ability to re-envision narratives. Simply put, I’m really excited about this and am eager to see where this technology goes in the future.”

Amy was first introduced to Zeega in an NMS digital storytelling course taught by Assistant Professor Lisa Dush. Reflecting on her experience, Amy said: “Uploading my media to Zeega was incredibly easy and intuitive — I threw my videos on YouTube from my iPhone and iPad, added music I liked from SoundCloud, and uploaded some photos onto Flickrs’ app (and added a few filters) and just compiled them all in Zeega.”

Click here to read the full story.

We want to hear about the work you’re doing as a WRD or NMS student. Email us at wrd[at]depaul.edu for a chance to be featured on the department blog. 

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