What’s your Final WoRD?

featureimage_finalwordWRD Fest is less than a week away! We’re excited to honor all of our 2013 graduates and want to give each of you an opportunity to speak at the event.

To participate: Write a speech of no more than 25 words. You can use your speech to thank people, say goodbye, summarize your legacy to the program, bequeath that which you leave behind, crack a few jokes, or anything else that you can cram into 25 words or less.

Then, deliver it as your “Final WoRD” at WRD Fest on June 11th.

No need to send us your speech, but if you plan on giving one please email us at wrd@depaul.edu, subject: “The Final WoRD”.

Maybe you’ll say something like this:

“To my friends and teachers, thanks for the memories and wonderful papers. I learned so much about writing, rhetoric, and discourse. Can’t believe I’m done!” (Word count: 25)

Or maybe this:

“How I will miss the Cheese Grater, with its fluorescent lights and many clocks. McGaw you will always have a place in my heart.” (Word count: 24)

But you can do better than that, right? Keep it clean (we will have kids in attendance), but have fun with it!

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