WRD Staff and Faculty Pursuing New Opportunities

featureimage_depaulAs we say goodbye to this year’s MANMS and MAWRD graduates, we also have to say goodbye to faculty members Associate Professor Matthew Abraham, Assistant Professor Rene Agustín De los Santos, and Associate Professor Chris Tardy as they leave DePaul to pursue new teaching positions.

De los Santos is leaving Chicago for Puebla, Mexico where he will be joining the Facultad de Lenguas at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla.

Tardy and Abraham are moving to Tuscon, Arizona where they will be joining the Department of English at the University of Arizona. Abraham has accepted the position of Associate Professor in the Rhetoric, Composition, and the Teaching of English program. Tardy has accepted the positions of Associate Professor in the MA in English as a Second Language and PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching programs, as well as Associate Director of the University Writing Program.

Also leaving WRD are graduate assistants Amy Hubbard and Megan McCarthy. Hubbard is traveling over the summer before she pursues a career in digital media and marketing. McCarthy is joining her family on an extended vacation in Mexico before she looks for work in web communications and content management.

Though we’re sad to see them go, we wish these departing faculty and staff members the very best as they begin exciting opportunities in their personal and professional lives.

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