A: Which scholar or text has most influenced your WRD studies?

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Earlier this week we asked you, “Which scholar or text has most influenced your WRD studies?” Here’s what you had to say:

“The scholar who most influenced me while I was a student in NMS was Dr. Karl Stolley (now an Associate Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology). He was the first person to introduce me to CSS and the concept of web standards. It’s hard to believe now, but back then I was very anti-CSS. I was stubborn and stuck in my old ways of doing things (tables for layout design — I’m embarrassed to think that I ever did web pages that way!). Dr. Stolley helped me to understand why it’s important to keep up on current technology standards, and he’s been a huge influence on my academic and career choices.” – Laurie Alforo, MA in NMS

“Michael Rothberg, author of Multidirectional Memory, has influenced the way I view all of WRD studies, and the world around me. Memory and understanding are driven by social forces we can’t control, but rhetorical analysis can help us negotiate them and teach others to do the same.” – Glenn Bradford, MA in WRD

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