Research Papers, Procrastination, and Shakespeare

Field Notes headerRead on for our weekly round-up of the articles that caught our eye!

Keep the ‘Research,’ Ditch the ‘Paper’

This op-ed from The Chronicle of Higher Education addresses recent criticism of the research paper in undergraduate writing.  Author Marc Bousquet doesn’t suggest ditching researched writing completely; instead, he argues that student writing should mimic  the writing of professionals and professors themselves more closely.  He states that research writing should be “reimagined as part of a broad band of complex, carefully composed professional communications.”  Bousquet’s article gives voice to a larger tension for writing teachers:  how to design writing assignments that will most benefit students.

Why Writers are the Worst Procrastinators

Worst procrastinator in the world?  You’re in good company, and The Atlantic tells you why.

Shakespeare, Syrian Style:  A Special Performance

The Economist reports on a Syrian refugee camp that has begun staging performances of King Lear and Hamlet.  Displaced Syrian youth connect to the plays’ themes of loyalty, honesty, and free will, and so the Bard has become a voice for this lost generation.

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