Peak Punctuation and #CancelColbert

Field Notes headerField Notes returns after an end-of-quarter hiatus.  This week, we’ve found two articles that consider the relationship between the digital age and language.

Have We Hit Peak Punctuation?  The Twilight of Exclamatory Excess

The Atlantic considers the rise of excess punctuation during dawn of the Internet Age.  Before, one ! may have sufficed to convey excitement, but now !! and !!! or perhaps an emoji are more common markers.  However, the author makes the case that our “punctuation promiscuity” may soon bend back towards brevity.

The Campaign to “Cancel” Colbert

After hashtag activist Suey Park began the #CancelColbert campaign, the phrase has prompted a number of think pieces on racism, comedy, language, and Twitter.  In The New Yorker, Jay Caspian Kang talks about the way form (like a Tweet) can distort language and meaning.

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