Spread the WoRD Conference Proposals Due in Two Days!


Proposals for Spread the WoRD, the WRD Student Conference, are due on April 18; that’s two days away!

As a reminder, we’re looking for a short paragraph on your presentation that includes the title, main claim, audience takeaway, and any technological equipment you need to present. You presentation can be in the form of a paper, powerpoint, prezi, lecture, group panel or multimedia presentation, and it can be on any topic relative to Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse or New Media. Your work does not need to be complete when you submit your proposal.

We’re also looking for proposals on visual work to display in the conference space. We’d like to display your websites, posters, photography, and multimedia projects. Please send us a 300 word abstract on your project, and include its title, purpose, medium, and any tech equipment needed to display. Your work does not need to be complete when you submit your proposal, but please include an attached draft or link of your work.

If you have any questions, the WRD and NMS Graduate Assistants are available to help you every evening in the WRD Invention Lab, SAC 303, from 5pm-6pm. You can also find more information at http://spreadthewrd.wordpress.com/.

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