Digital Humanities in the Academy and Antisocial Media

Field Notes headerIn the broadest of senses, this week’s articles are focused on the digital — how we as writers, academics, and human beings should contend with the changing milieu of the digital landscape.  Click the article titles to read more!

Will Digital Humanities #Disrupt the University?

Amid alarmist reports about the decline of the humanities, there is a bright spot:  digital humanities has grown so that it now constitutes 10 percent of humanities scholars.  Rebecca Schuman’s article in Slate sums up why digital humanities matters and how it has changed the field.

Cloak:  The Antisocial-Media App

The New Yorker considers one of the rising stars of the App Store.  Unlike Facebook, Foursquare, and Instagram, Cloak is not an app that promotes connection and social engagement. Instead, it markets itself as a tool for “social evasion.”  Mark O’Connell postulates that the popular new app is a backlash against the constant availability and connectivity of the digital age.

In Defense of Getting Personal on Twitter

Instead of carefully curating your Twitter account to reflect solely professional concerns, Alice Marwick suggests a different approach.

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