Twitter Feuds, The Adjunct Revolt, and Language & Worldview

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Feuding in 140 Characters

The New York Times considers the way digital technology has changed the pace of public feuds. They posit that social media escalates arguments more quickly but also helps them defuse more quickly.

The Adjunct Revolt:  How Poor Professors are Fighting Back

This piece from the The Atlantic responds to articles published earlier this year in The New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education decrying the plight of adjunct professors.  This article reports that the hundreds of adjunct professors across the country have begun employing collective bargaining strategies borrowed from labor unions to advocate for themselves.

We’ve Been Told That Different Languages Create Different Worldviews.  They Don’t.

We’ve all heard the claim that Inuits perceive hundreds of varieties of snow because of the plethora of words for snow in their native language.  But, does their language create their culture or their worldview?  In The New Republic, John McWhorter argues the negative and describes the way this view may lead to cultural condescension.

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