Presentation Schedule for Spread the WoRD Student Conference

conference logo header

We hope you’re planning on attending Spread the WoRD, the Sixth Annual WRD Student Conference! Please join us for the excellent student presentations below:

9:05 Panel 1 : Rhetoric of Space and Place Natalie Ficek, Political Science Undergraduate with a minor in WRD, “Intervening in the Grand Narrative of Chicago” Michelle Krauss, MA in WRD, “If Your Fridge Could Talk: The Evolution of Identity through Mediated Memories”
9:35-9:40 Panel 1 Q&A
9:40 Panel 2: The Power of Text and Image Jill Olchawa, MA in NMS, “You Are Beautiful: The Small Message that Became a Movement” Molly Koeneman, MA in NMS, “Flour to Flower: Local Business Kneed the Community to Grow”
10:10-10:15 Panel 2 Q&A
10:15:00 Panel 3: Privacy and Security in the Digital Age Aim Larrabee, MA in NMS, “Privacy vs. Security Via the Lenses of Popular Television, Film, and Literature Dilane Mitchell, MA in NMS, New Media and Employee Privacy
10:45-10:50 Panel 3 Q&A
10:50:00 Panel 4: Genres and Discourses of Beauty Bridget Wagner, MA in WRD, “Exploring Seventeen’s “Traumaramas” as a Contradictory Genre” Emily Power, WRD Undergraduate, “You Are __”
11:20-11:25 Panel 4 Q&A
11:25-12:30 Lunch Lunch Set Up 11:15
12:10-12:30 GAME
12:30-1:30 Heidi A. McKee (Keynote) “Watching What You’re Doing: The Ethics of Digital Media Production, Consumption, and Usage”
1:30:00 Panel 5: Teaching Writing and Literacy Beyond Borders Molly Rentscher, MA in WRD, “Writing Across Borders” Cynthia Medrano, WRD Undergraduate, “The High School Writing Center: More Than Just a Center for Writing” Nadene Eisner, MA in WRD, “Visual/Digital Literacy in Rhetoric and Visual Literacy in Libraries: Toward a Shared Pedagogy” LaVern Thomas, Hi, I am INJF. What are you?
2:30-2:35 Panel 5 Q&A
2:35 Panel 6: Writing in the Workplace Allison Guntz, WRD Undergraduate, “Documenting Relationships: On the Interdependence of Workplace Documents and their Context Within and Beyond the Organization” Tim McElroy, WRD Undergraduate, “Communications Breakdown: A Workplace Study of Writing at Super Sub” Patrick Humpal, WRD Undergraduate, “Physical Therapy Writing: Navigating Changes Within the Field and Interconnectivity to Achieve a Common Goal”
3:05-3:10 Panel 6 Q&A
3:10 Panel 7: Chicago Women Rhetors: Identity and Public Memory Caelin Nieoff, American Studies Undergraduate, Natalie Garcia WRD Undergraduate, Joseph DiSantis, WRD Undergraduate
3:40-3:45 Panel 7 Q&A

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