Paid Internship Opportunity – Blog Writer for Newman Realty

Internship Description:
As a blog writer for Newman Knows Chicago, you will create new, original, engaging, and informational blog posts on everything from Chicago real estate, neighborhoods, news, restaurants, events, and general Chicago happenings and lifestyle. You’ll be backed up by a supportive and enthusiastic team including Scott Newman, owner and broker at Newman Realty and Drew Fravert, web designer and general website guru. As a team and individually you will plan and develop content for the blog to inform, entertain, and build a trusting relationship with prospective clients, real estate professionals, and Chicagoans in general. Some post topics include luxury condo building profiles, short sale news, restaurant reviews, new construction updates, and festival guides. The possibilities are limitless, and you will be encouraged to inject your own ideas and personality into the blog.

Pay Rate & Hours:
$10/hr, 10-15 hours a week

Start Date:

Apply Now:
If you are interested in this internship, please email the WRD Internship Coordinator, Dana Dunham at ddunham2[at]depaul[dot]edu.

Russell Wojcik, a graduating WRD senior, had a valuable experience interning at Newman Realty:

An internship with Newman Realty as a blog writer will open the door to the public sphere, putting your writing in front of hundreds and even thousands of readers. Posts are shared through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, essentially guaranteeing exposure and readership. This position is a great addition to your resume and will complement and hone the skills learned in the classroom such as style, structure, rhetorical appeals, and multimodality. Do what you love doing all with the support of a team driven by effective and professional content.

If you’re looking for an internship that translates directly into the real world, allows you freedom and creativity, and teaches you essential HTML, web, social media, and networking skills, then Newman Knows Chicago is the perfect fit.


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