Job Opportunity: Kineo

WRD and NMS graduate students and alumni–below is a job posting for those who are interested in a nonacademic position. If you have any questions about the posting, feel free to contact Kineo.

Job Description:


In this role, you will work closely with Kineo team members and clients to create eLearning and blended learning experiences that inform and build skills … and that don’t bore people to tears.

You’re a writer first – with a passion for telling a story using multi-media. You’ll partner closely with our learning designers, graphic artists, course developers, and project managers to create learning experiences that stand out from the boring blah blah of most corporate training. You’ll work with experienced designers to bring design visions to life while making sure the reality remains aligned to your client’s needs, budgets and timelines.

Like to work on tight-knit teams in a fast-paced environment? Capable of taking initiative? Able to bring excellent writing and editing skills, with proven ability to write in a range of tones and styles? Enjoy learning about new areas (e.g., how to prevent Ebola, give great feedback, or greet drive-thru customers)?

What you do not need is background in instructional design. You can learn that here!

We’re looking for Chicago-based script writers with a passion for writing and learning. Is that you?

If so, please send your resume and writing samples to Chip Cleary, VP of Solutions & Consulting, Kineo. (

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