Writing and New Media Internship at Argonne National Laboratory

The Argonne National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) is soliciting applications for a summer internship that will give you a chance to develop your writing and new media skills through innovative projects that  reach a wide audience.

This internship offers a paid opportunity to work with cutting edge, high-stakes material in an exciting environment.

Currently, the ALCF is only advertising this opportunity to WRD and NMS students, and all applications submitted will be considered. Undergraduate and graduate students in WRD, NMS, and Professional Writing are eligible to apply.

If you would like to apply, write a cover letter addressed to Argonne’s Human Resources Representative Denise Nelson that describes your qualifications and expresses your interest in one of the three projects described below. Please send the cover letter and your resume to the WRD Internship Coordinator at ddunham2@depaul.edu, who will deliver them to our contact at Argonne.

Applications are due no later than May 26th.

See below for the full internship description, or click here to download.


Argonne National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) is looking for writers interested in “new media” projects. Most critical is the ability to write clearly as well as a fearless, positive attitude towards learning and then adopting new media technologies.

To be a successful candidate for this internship, you should:

  • write persuasive, smart, clear, and factual copy based upon well written technical writing,
  • understand how tools such as Drupal and WordPress work and use their many features,
  • be comfortable prodding around in and changing code in CSS, HTML, and XML,
  • care how design impacts the reception of communication,
  • experiment with new media technologies on your own and with little direction,
  • speak the language of artists, web developers, journalists, and editors,
  • and desire to learn about science and willing to steward the stories of the scientists that use our supercomputer.

You must have a strong desire to be a colleague and collaborator of staff in all of these roles: project managers, technical editors, software developers, database developers, web developers, graphic designers, computational scientists, and system administrators.

As an ALCF intern, you can choose one opportunity from the specific projects described below:

Write Stories about Science Targeted at General Audiences

ALCF has a rich repository of stories that highlight the scientific projects that run on our supercomputer and the exciting results of those projects. Using these science stories as the basis for new material, you will develop several stories to inform, excite, and fascinate the general public. These stories (and associated imagery) will be developed and formatted for our Drupal website. The educational goal of this internship is to understand audience, synthesize scientific work, and maintain the integrity of the science while making it accessible to a wide audience. Experience with collaborating with subject matter experts and technical writing recommended.

Develop Design-Centered Websites for Key Technology Initiatives

You will collaborate with our communication team to develop design-centered websites in WordPress and Drupal. ALCF has a unique design philosophy it applies to communication materials both traditional and new media. You will use existing designs and work with internal subject matter experts to develop websites and webpages that feature key technologies and allow users to discover important new methods available at ALCF. The educational goal of this internship would be to practice developing designed-centered website and extend technologies such as WordPress and Drupal to serve the needs of the design. Experience with PHP, CSS, and WordPress recommended.

New Media Campaign for ALCF Event

You will collaborate with our communication and outreach teams to help drive a new media campaign strategy for an ALCF event. The intent of this internship would be to help increase reach, interest, and attendance at ALCF’s workshops. You will research past events and interview key stakeholders, then collaborate with the communications lead on a communications plan. You will instrument key technologies to provide analytics to measure performance. Finally, you will be responsible for executing the media plan for the event. The educational goal of this internship would be practice developing, instrumenting and executing a media campaign. Some knowledge of process management

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