Conference Spotlight: Computers and Writing

Graduate students in NMS or WRD: Have you done research in a graduate class related to digital technologies or pedagogy? Would you like to share that research with a wider audience?

If so, consider presenting at the annual Computers and Writing Conference! This academic conference will happen from May 19-22 at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. The theme for 2016 — Crossing Wires: Reaching Across Campus, Between Disciplines, and Into Communities — challenges presenters to consider how new media and digital technologies cross boundaries and expand horizons, in both scholarship and pedagogy.

The conference spans a variety of potential topics that fall within both NMS and WRD areas of study. In addition to traditional conference presentations, Computers and Writing welcomes several unconventional presentation formats, including mini-workshops or digital showcase options. A number of WRD and NMS graduate students have presented at past Computers and Writing conferences, as have our faculty members. It is a friendly, supportive environment, where you’re sure to learn a lot.

And remember: When presenting at a conference, WRD and NMS graduate students can apply for funding up to $500 to cover travel and hotel costs through the college’s Graduate Research Funding (GRF) program.

The last day to submit a proposal is October 23, and you will receive notification regarding your acceptance by December 21. If you have any questions about how to submit to this or other academic conferences, feel free to contact your academic advisor or the graduate program directors, Prof. Ceraso and Prof. Dush.

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