Help Restore the Illinois MAP Grant

The following letter from Father Holtschneider contains important information about how to contact the Illinois Governor’s Office and request that the Illinois MAP grant be restored. Please take a look and contact the Governor’s Office.


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

You may remember an email I sent last fall, asking you to contact our public officials and urge them to support funding for the state’s Monetary Award Program, commonly known as MAP. I know many of you answered that call. You added your voice to the voices of so many Illinois students and families who rely on this grant, including nearly 5,000 students here at DePaul. I am grateful for your advocacy on their behalf.

Your assistance helped, and I am pleased to tell you that the Illinois General Assembly recently passed a bill to fund MAP. Senate Bill 2043 will now be sent to Governor Rauner, and I am asking for your help once again.

The Governor said that he will veto this bill, and so I am asking you to call his office to add your voice to thousands of others who are asking that he change his mind. By signing SB2043, Governor Rauner can put an end to the uncertainty that exists for nearly 130,000 Illinois students whose MAP grants have not been funded this year.

DePaul has committed to keep its students enrolled in school this year. If the state fails to fund the MAP grants promised our students, DePaul will cover those costs to prevent any of our students from being forced to face a decrease in their financial aid packages mid-year. According to the state agency responsible for MAP, almost half of all colleges and universities in Illinois will not be able to make this commitment to their students. Few institutions will be able to do so in future years. I am asking you to lend your voice for our students and all Illinois students who need this help to remain in school, to complete their degrees and to fulfill their potential.

I have spoken with the Governor’s top staff, and I have lobbied the General Assembly. Your voice needs to be heard too. Even if you have already contacted him, I ask that you call Governor Rauner’s office again and urge him to sign Senate Bill 2043 and fund MAP now.


Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M.

Contacting Governor Bruce Rauner:

Social media:

  • Tweet the Governor @BruceRauner, and ask him to sign SB 2043
  • Connect with the Governor at and ask him to sign SB 2043.

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