2016 WRD Awards Party Recap

The Sixth Annual WRD Awards Party was a great success thanks to the participation of WRD majors and minors, MA in WRD graduate students, and MA in NMS graduate students!

This year’s party was held on Friday, June 3 in the Lincoln Park Student Center. As always, it was a great evening to honor WRD and NMS graduates, enjoy food, listen to live music, and catch up with classmates, alumni, and faculty. Photos from the evening can be viewed below.

The award winners and Pi Epsilon Pi inductees are listed below:

Best Undergraduate Essay

“Feliz Cumpleaños!” by Wendy Ramirez

Best Undergraduate Project in Professional, Technical, or Digital Writing

“From the Classroom to the Cubicle; the importance of the DePaul Writing Center Manual and Training Materials” by Theresa Bailey

 MA in WRD: Best Project in Professional and Technical Writing

“Content Strategy Report for the Lincoln Park Community Shelter” by Meaghan Young-Stevens, Kristen Thometz, Christianne Rivas, and Jill Olchawa

MA in WRD: Best Project in Rhetoric and Discourse

“Vocal Fry through a Critical Discourse Lens” by Amber Slater

 Best Project in TESOL

“Linguistic Imperialism: An Alternative View of Peace Corps TEFL Volunteers” by Amber Slater

MA in NMS: Best New Media Project

“i no save pret: A story about my Grandmother” by Kathryn Burce

MA in NMS: Best Writing About New Media

“When Trash-talk becomes Abuse: Examining Problematic Speech and Behavior in World of Warcraft” by Joshua Jackson

Pi Epsilon Pi Inductees

Caileen Casey
Howard Mao
Kyla Patterson
Shaquawnna Vinnett
Theresa Martinez

Many thanks to WRD students, alumni, faculty, and our fantastic student assistants Cecilia and Charlene for participating in the event and making it such an enjoyable evening. Lastly, thank you to WRD Chair Peter Vandenberg and Department Assistants Courtney MacIntyre and Zac Edmonds for their help in designing and organizing the event. Enjoy the photos from the evening below!

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