New Graduate Course Preview | WRD 545: Teaching Writing Online

Why Learn to Teach Writing Online?

In recent years, the convenience, accessibility, and pedagogical possibilities of online learning have drawn in students and teachers alike. As more students turn to online spaces for education, writing teachers must understand the pedagogical possibilities for these learning environments.

To help students prepare to teach online, the MA in WRD will offer WRD 545: Teaching Writing Online in the upcoming Spring 2017 quarter. The course is an elective, of particular interest to students pursuing the concentration in teaching writing and language. On the course’s website, Prof. Michael Moore says that he aims to explore the “new and multiple pedagogical, technological, and disciplinary contexts, opportunities, and challenges” that teachers face in online settings.

What You’ll Do in WRD 545

Teaching Writing Online is a hybrid course; it will meet every other Tuesday in the classroom, with an online component between face-to-face meetings, to reinforce the idea of self-regulated learning. Students will also become acquainted with various online teaching and writing technologies within this hybrid structure.

Course assignments include opportunities to articulate one’s writing pedagogy, to analyze online assignments and online teaching tools, and to create a module for an online writing course. The projects will give students both practical experience and yield professional deliverables. While prior teaching experience is not required, Professor Moore hopes that students will leave with a final project that shows “proficiency and excellence in teaching and assessing writing online.”

Finally, by addressing the same kinds of cultural and social factors that shape face-to-face classrooms, WRD 545 will help students develop the critical awareness and problem-solving skills required for successful online teaching.

If you are considering the Teaching Writing concentration, a career in teaching writing, or are curious about the tools available for online writing instruction, consider adding WRD 545 to your course cart for Spring quarter 2017!

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