4.21: Kristin Arola Visits WRD

2017--04-05 Arola

On Friday, April 21 from 1 to 2:30pm in the Lincoln Park Campus in McGowan 104, Dr. Kristin L. Arola from Washington State University will be visiting DePaul and taking part in the Writing and Rhetoric Across Borders Speaker Series. Arola will be delivering a talk entitled, “Slow Composition: American Indian Rhetorics and Mindful Making Practices.”


This presentation explores what writing studies can learn from American Indian epistemologies. By bringing together stories of the crafting and gathering practices of the Anishinaabe peoples of the Upper Great Lakes and the concept of composing as culturing, Arola offers a framework for teaching and theorizing mindful composing practices. An Anishinaabe approach to composing helps illustrate an ethic where the world is not full of concepts just waiting to be plucked from their contexts. This ethic of crafting with care acknowledges and honors the relations that came before, the objects used in composing, and the relations — both knowable and unknowable—brought forth through composing.

All are welcome!

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