Life in Fujian

City of Xiamen. Photo by Jason Schneider.

City of Xiamen. Photographer: Jason Schneider.

Fujian province is located on the southeast coast of China’s mainland with a population of 37.2 million. The official language of the province is Mandarin. Fujian residents enjoy a subtropical climate with mild winters. Huaqiao University has campuses in two coastal cities: Quanzhou and Xiamen.


Map of Fujian province. Image via Understand China.



  • Population: 2.4 million
  • Maritime climate with spring-like temperatures during all four seasons
  • Average temperature: 20.8 C (69.4 F)
  • Known as one of China’s most tourist-friendly and cleanest cities
  • Gulangyu Island–famous for its picturesque beaches and lack of automobiles (they’re banned on the island)–is only a ten-minute ferry ride away
  • Attractions: Shuzhuang Garden, Nanputuo Temple,
  • Online resources: What’s On Xiamen, Xiamen Guide

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