Spread the WoRD Announcement



What is Spread the WoRD?

Hosted by the Department of WRD and WRD’s MA programs in New Media Studies and Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse, Spread the WoRD is a one-day student conference, which brings together students and faculty to share and discuss student work.

The conference features three-student panels, in which each panel member is allotted fifteen minutes to present work completed between Spring Quarter 2014 and Winter Quarter 2015 in a course taken as a WRD major, WRD minor, or WRD or NMS graduate student. Students can apply by submitting the proposal form as a themed three-person panel or as an individual presenter; individual presenters will be placed on a panel by the conference organizers.

By presenting your own original research and engaging with peers as they present work, you’ll explore new questions and possibilities in your field, all while gaining valuable experience participating in an academic conference.

When is Spread the WoRD?

This year’s conference will be on Saturday, May 16, 2015  from 9:30am – 2:30pm at DePaul University’s Lincoln Park Campus.

Why Should I Attend?

Spread the WoRD is a great opportunity to learn more about the work done within WRD and NMS, to add “Conference Presenter” to your resume, and to meet and network with faculty and fellow students. All this happens in a relaxed environment on a Saturday, with free food, as well as lunchtime games and a keynote speaker. Students are welcome to bring friends and family along for all or part of the day. Finally, students also use the conference to refine papers and projects that they wish to submit to the annual WRD and NMS Awards or to national conferences.

What Would I Present?

Presentation topics can vary as widely as the course material in WRD and NMS. Choose something that you’re proud of, that you’d like to share with others, and that you think may stimulate an interesting Q&A. Be sure the subject matter can be adequately presented in fifteen minutes. We encourage you to present in a professional, yet casual way: students who are presenting on seminar papers often organize their talk around a slideshow that excerpts key points; students presenting new media projects often walk the audience through the final project, describing as they do how and why they made particular design and content choices.

If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, click on the thumbnail images below to view the presentation titles from Spread the WoRD 2014:

How Do I Propose a Panel or Presentation?

Presenters must complete the proposal form and send it to wrd_studentconference@depaul.edu by the proposal deadline of April 10, 2015. We hope to accommodate all students that wish to present.

Do Presenters Have any Other Obligations?

You must attend one of the two practice sessions that will be offered approximately two weeks before the conference. Additionally, while we understand that not everyone can stay for the entire conference, we do hope that all presenters will attend several other sessions during the day.

Who is the Keynote Speaker?

TBA. It’ll be an early-career scholar who will knock your socks off. Check back for updates!

Still Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact wrd_studentconference@depaul.edu with any questions you may have!

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